Engagement Model

At vPursue Technologies, we provide flexible engagement models that Clients can choose from depending on their business needs. Clients can even ask for a mix of these models. Here are the models we provide:
  • Fixed Quote
  • Time & Material
  • Offshore Team
  • Partnership

Fixed Quote: Projects are executed at a fixed cost, which is arrived at considering Client's budget, business requirement and timelines for all deliveries. This model is generally suitable to low to medium complexity projects, when scope is almost clear and the changes during execution are minimal. This model also works great for start-ups.

Time & Material: Here the project cost is determined by the time and resource expended for the development. This model is generally suitable in cases where project scope and implementation plans cannot be accurately determined at the outset or requirements change dynamically during implementation phase. This model gives flexibility as billing is done at the payment milestones based on the team size and agreed upon hourly/daily rates.

Offshore Team: Projects are executed by dedicated offshore team at genuine price. Costing here is flexible and depends upon needs and resource utilization. This model is suitable for setting up low-cost development centre without the headache of managing it. We follow the processes outlined by clients on a foundation of our delivery model.

Partnership: In this model, initial development cost is shared by us. Later we take a mutually decided percentage from profits earned from the project. This model suits to customers where investment capital is less. You have the concept and business and we help you with technology. In all, it is a win-win situation.

Work Methodology
Engagement Model
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