Training & Development Services

Today's businesses put emphasis on faster product development and reduced time too market. Also the technologies are changing day by day. Adoption of these technologies can help achieve the business goals. At vPursue Technologies, we are extremely passionate about technology. We have a broad technical expertise and via our training programs, you can leverage our knowledge and get your people proficient on the business or project specific skills.
Here are training and development provided by us:
  • IT Corporate Training: Create custom trainings on the basis of business/project specific requirement. These are carefully designed and developed bases on the scope provided and can be delivered at any location across India. We also provide case studies, sample code examples, hands-on sessions etc. to enhance the practical aspect of the training.
  • Technology Training at Educational Institutes: Craft Technology specific trainings at educational institutes at Graduate/Post Graduate level. These trainings give an added advantage to students as they get to learn the latest in technology and they become industry ready. We also help students create a live project based on the training received to ensure better understanding.
  • Leverage our vast industry experience and technical expertise to get your people industry competent.
  • Tell us your business/project/course level needs, we get back with a quick proposal and course content in no time.
  • Well defined course material.
  • Provide comprehensive trainings, including case studies and lab sessions that ensure deep understanding of the technology.
  • Institutes can provide the latest technology skills alongside the existing curriculum.
  • Take a look at our work and what we can provide here.
"Whatever my request, their response is gracious, prompt, and expert. I give them my highest recommendation without reservation."
- Arthur Granville, MobiLearn Inc.